List-Of-Top-50-Pharma-CompaniesIf you target Pharmaceutical Companies, having a Top50Pharma company in your list of active clients represents one of the most valuable asset your company can have, and for this reason RSA List Services has compiled The Top50PharmaList

When asking Chief Sales Executives or Chief Marketing Officers targeting the pharmaceutical industry, what key information they are looking for, most of them point to the email addresses of Pharmaceutical Executives,  and also specific titles within non-traditional functional areas that cannot be found with Hoovers, InfoGroup, D&B or as a matter of fact public information websites such as Reuters, Google Finance, BusinessWeek or Bloomberg.

PharmaMarketing to the Top50PharmaList requires that you have access to accurate and updated executive contact information; email address, phone, physical address, as well as company demographics.

RSA List Services Corporation has been able to differentiate itself from other list companies by compiling key contact information (including emails) on difficult to find executive titles and operational functions, and populate an exclusive Top50Pharma List that cannot be sourced anywhere on the market.

Whatever titles or functional areas your company targets, let RSA List Services Corporation populate the Top 50 Pharma List that will lead you to key decision-makers that can make the ultimate purchase decision or can influence the purchase of your products and services.

Acquire the Ultimate Executive Contact Database and target key personnel at the biggest Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology companies of America. Acquire the contact information and the names and titles for the most senior ranking executives and reach top decision makers in vital functional areas.

The RSA Top50Pharma Executive Contact databases offers top-level contacts in key areas: Senior Executive CXO Management, Product & Brand Marketing Management, Clinical Research/Research & Development, Compliance, Government & Regulatory, Medical Affairs, Executive Marketing & Sales, Business Development, Public Affairs/Communications and Advertising, Human Resources/Training & Development, Operations, Finance, Information Technology.

Pharmaceutical Database Options Available are as follows: 

  • Top50 Pharmaceutical CXO Executive Management : 2500 Contacts
  • Top 50 PharmaceuticalProduct, Marketing & Brand Management : 5000 Contacts
  • Top 50 PharmaceuticalClinical Research & Development : 3000 Contacts
  • Top 50 PharmaceuticalCompliance & Regulatory Management : 2000 Contacts
  • Top 50 PharmaceuticalMarketing & Sales Executives,Biz Dev : 5000 Contacts
  • Top 50 Pharmaceutical Public Affairs & Communications : 1500 Contacts
  • Top 50 Pharmaceutical Human Resources : 1500 Contacts
  • Top 50 Pharmaceutical Operations : 1500 Contacts
  • Top 50 Pharmaceutical Finance Execs : 1500 Contacts
  • Top 50 Pharmaceutical Information Technology : 1500 Contacts
  • Top 50 Pharmaceutical Complete Database (ALL FUNCTIONAL AREAS ABOVE INCLUDED) : 25,000 Contacts

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